Is it worth taking an installment loan during the holiday season?


Many people in the pre-holiday period are looking for additional funds that will allow them to meet expenses that appear at the end of December. The situation looks much worse when our income is not enough for Christmas shopping, and the savings have long since ended. In this situation, more and more people are thinking about seeking additional support. There is a growing number of people who instead of going to a bank go to a loan company. Before they make any decision, however, they need to think well about what kind of financial support they need.

Many people are considering taking an installment loan

When extra expenses arise in the pre-Christmas period, we often look for additional resources. The multiplying costs are accompanied by haste, which results from the excess of pre-holiday obligations. Unfortunately, many people leave important matters at the last minute. It is difficult to judge how much we really have to spend. When there is no savings, it is worth thinking about a loan . Fortunately, loan companies are often able to help people who are in this situation. It may be wise to use a loan in installments .
When it comes to pre-Christmas shopping, the loan is too big a financial obligation. It applies to larger amounts, which are usually not what we need at this moment. And their repayment is often very difficult for us. It is worth having that in mind before we go to the bank. In turn, a standard payday might not be enough. It is an attractive opportunity to raise money, but it is not always adequate for holiday needs. You can then consider a different solution.
The installment loan allows you to borrow money for a longer period, but it still applies to relatively small amounts. In addition, they can be spread into convenient installments, which will undoubtedly facilitate the repayment of the obligation. When choosing a loan company , however, it is worth getting acquainted with at least a few offers – in this way we will make the best decision.

Returning a loan in this period does not have to be difficult

Returning a loan in this period does not have to be difficult

After Christmas and New Year’s spending, the financial situation of many people calms down. Extra profits appear. Many superiors offer financial rewards to their employees. A large number of people also have the so-called “Thirteen.” An additional salary will please all those who pay back the loan. After Christmas, it is worth looking for additional resources. Undoubtedly, they will facilitate the repayment of subsequent installments of our loan. Thanks to this, we will not be the debtors of a non-bank institution.
The installment loan, which is repaid conscientiously, does not have to overburden our household budget. Many loan companies offer very favorable conditions that suit our needs. If we approach this reasonably and make the appropriate calculations, we will be able to match the loan to installments – this approach is the basis for safe lending . In this way, we will maintain financial liquidity. We should also remember to settle our obligation on time – otherwise we will have to face the consequences of unpaid loans .
As you can see, holidays are associated with expenses. However, you can not let them ruin the joy that accompanies this time. You need cash – take out an installment loan online . It’s a great solution when we need more money. If we decide on an installment loan, we will probably be able to enjoy Christmas without spending restrictions. When we pay it conscientiously, we will certainly come out beneficial.

Loans with a 12-month installment

Installment loans are a good option for those who do not want to take a loan from fast-loan companies or are drawn with installments for many years.

A loan of one year is suitable for those who need to borrow cash quickly but at the same time do not want to tie up with refunds over several years.

A new way is to borrow directly from other private individuals.

How to find the best installment loan?

If you want to take a loan of 12 months, make sure you get the best possible offer so that you pay as little as possible in credit cost.

With so many offers on the market, by comparing the options, it is carefully finding the best loan and squeezing the price of the money.

The main cost of taking a loan over 12 months is the interest cost or the effective interest rate.

The lower the effective interest rate, the cheaper the installment loan will be. In addition to the direct interest rate, the effective interest rate also includes all other costs such as setup fee, newspaper fee, etc.

Lenders must provide a representative example of what an example customer may pay for a loan in terms of effective interest.

However, any offer that can be made to an individual who applies for a loan depends on the amount of the loan and the applicant’s creditworthiness. The cheapest way to borrow different amounts simply depends on how big the loan is.

Therefore, it is important that you find the cheapest installment loan for your particular personal circumstances so that you pay the least possible fees.

If you intend to submit a direct application with answers directly on the screen, it is first to check that the offer meets all requirements and needs.

One year loan

Which is the best one-year loan varies depending on how much money you want to borrow.

It is often the case that the more you borrow the lower the interest rate, the best prices are generally offered on slightly larger loans of SEK 100,000 and upwards, but nevertheless it is never a good idea to borrow more than you need.

Instead, you need to calculate exactly how much you need to borrow and look for the cheapest loan for that amount.

Can you borrow?

Can you borrow?

Often, strict criteria apply to the cheapest loans from banks and major lenders, but if you have a strong credit rating and high regular income, you are best at turning to the usual lenders because they provide the best conditions for those granted loans.

However, anyone who does not have a spotless credit report can still get an affordable yearly loan.

Make sure to check the application criteria for each loan before applying and make sure to provide as much information as possible.

If you have a bad credit history or have been neglected with previous loans or credit cards, you may need to consider looking at pay-as-you-go loans that are significantly more expensive but still available.

Although these loans are more expensive these lenders nevertheless consider applications from bad credit rating borrowers instead of just declining the application straight away.

Twelve month loan

Most small loans for 12 months are flexible and can be paid back in advance.

However, the cost of early redemption may vary between companies so if you think you might want to repay your loan early, you need to check exactly how much this would cost.

The way in which greater flexibility with the possibility of early repayment is important and in some cases worth paying extra for, or if you simply want to find the cheapest loan with a fixed repayment period of 12 months.

Once you have determined exactly what you need, you can compare the loans in the comparison table above to find the best deal.

A one-year loan is a financing or loan program that is structured to be repaid at or before the end of a calendar year from the day the loan was issued. A one-year private loan is an unsecured loan, but a one-year loan can also be provided against collateral in an asset that is pledged to the lender as collateral for the money being repaid. If a borrower misses payments on a secured loan and cannot complete the repayment, the lender may claim the pledged asset and sell it to settle the debt. Typical examples of one-year loans with collateral are car loans and mortgage loans.

Credit and approval requirements for installment loans

All loans regardless of size and repayment period require a review of the applicant’s credit history before a loan application can be approved.

According to the law, credits may only be granted to persons who are deemed to have the opportunity to repay the loan.

However, many one-year consumer loans are also available for people with a weaker economy.

Most installment loans require a taxable income that is included in the last year’s declaration.

For those who are newly employed, the application can be supplemented with an employer certificate in which it must be stated employment time and salary.

What distinguishes an installment loan from a 90-day, six-month or three-year loan?

The repayment period has a large impact on the monthly invoice and on the total cost of the loan. Assuming that interest amounts and interest are equal, a longer loan means a lower monthly cost.

This is because the repayment is divided into several smaller payments.

The other side of this equation is, unfortunately, that long-term loans mean higher total costs. Even if interest rates remain the same, the interest is paid for a long time.

Each additional day, week or month entails additional interest expenses such as the borrower having to pay for the loan.

For some borrowers, the one-year loan can offer a good balance that extends slightly longer than very short-term loans (such as SMS loans or mortgage bank loans) and at the same time does not involve monthly bills for many years to come.

The borrower will be required to pay off the loan within one year – and only needs to pay one year of interest expenses.

Installments for proof

Installments for evidence without certificates

Do you value comfort in your life? We have a great way for you to get extra cash to implement all your plans and dreams.

Installment loans are very popular among customers. Most people prefer to pay the loan in monthly installments than to give away money after 30 days.

There are several dozen companies offering installment loans on the market. The maximum repayment period is even 4 years, depending on the loan amount.

Most   companies, proposes a financial product, which is a loan for proof without earnings certificates. Installments for evidence are usually provided in multi-branch stores or household appliances and electronics. Where we want to buy something expensive   and we do not want to pay the entire amount immediately.

You will be surprised by honest and reliable people who will help you in preparing the installment application. The adviser will provide you with a good installment offer. Tailored to your needs. If you want to use the product sale offer, you must be over 18 years old. And permanent check-in in Poland. These conditions are basic for the majority of institutions and banks that mediate in installment sale.

Best proofs are given in several ways. Most often, however, you can use them via the Internet. By sending a proof scan on the form. Make money is borrowed during a home visit by a consultant of a given loan company. However, online borrowing is much faster and more convenient than lending with a home visit.

Who is the loan for proof without earnings certificates for?

Who is the loan for proof without earnings certificates for?


A loan for evidence without earnings certificates. It is an ideal product for those who have unstable contracts (contract for specific work, contract of mandate). It turns out to be a good solution for all those who earn income. For any title other than related to professional work. Eg: maintenance, pension, retirement or scholarship. It is also an interesting option for unemployed people who work in black or are fresh after losing their jobs.

To get a loan for proof, all you need is:

  1. Select the loan amount and the repayment period;
  2. Fill out an application;
  3. Wait for the loan decision;
  4. In the case of a positive decision, the money goes to the account.

Positive decision to grant a loan. It depends on the Customer’s individual creditworthiness.

A loan for evidence without earnings certificates is a very popular form of loan. Instant, easy and convenient are just some of the adjectives describing such a loan.

Quick Loan on Monthly Installments

To make a quick loan on monthly installments with or without a guarantor, you need time to explore financial institutions, fast online loan companies, and banks.

To make a quick loan on monthly installments with or without a guarantor, you need time to explore financial institutions, fast online loan companies, and banks.

Repayment of loan in equal installments over a month is a preferred option for repaying loans from many people.

Even before fast-paced monthly payments, we need to analyze our financial capabilities, think and decide how and how we can get it back. The repayment of the loan is made through repayment installments, which are deposited at a specified number of the month – the maturity date.

The choice and negotiation of the type and amount of repayments is of paramount importance. Repayment installments consist of principal and interest and are formed most often monthly, they are described in detail in the individual repayment plan, which is an integral part of the loan agreement.

The monthly repayment installments are two types – equal or decreasing. Equals are the same every month, they include a certain amount of interest and principal in the respective ratio. The interest rate decreases and the repayment of the principal increases, but in general the monthly contribution remains the same or equal for the entire term of the loan.

These are the most common monthly installments for repayment of fast loans . They are suitable for borrowers with regular and regular monthly earnings. Decreasing monthly contributions are formed by interest, which is constantly decreasing and a constant amount of the principal.

As a rule, they are used by higher-income borrowers who can afford a larger monthly repayment installment. They are quicker to repay the loan and with less cost. The type and amount of the monthly installment we have agreed must be fully compliant and fully consistent with our income and receipt.

Properly determining and accurately making monthly installments is essential to shape our good loan history, which defines our form of payers and is stored in the Central loan Register of the Bulgarian National Bank, from where all listed loanors – banks and financial companies – quick loans. We will introduce you to offers of fast-paced loan companies in monthly installments.

The lowest installment of loans

 The theme of today’s article is the lowest installment of loans in non-bank companies. There are 5 selected companies ahead of you that are able to offer the most favorable terms for borrowing extra cash.

A popular proverb says – it is not an art to borrow money, but the trick is to borrow it cheaply. Today, however, it is not difficult to find the lowest installment of the loan, because most companies exact the cost of loans presents on their websites. You can check the exact information about the cost of the loan or the monthly installment before you apply for a loan. All you need to do is use the popular sliders to indicate the amount of the loan you are interested in and the repayment period.

Using the above method, we can practically find such a non-bank loan, which will be the most advantageous for us. Once again, I decided to go out to meet you and find a few offers that in my opinion will be attractive in terms of interest rates or general costs. I have 5 selected companies offering internet loans in which you have the chance to get the lowest installment.

The lowest installment of loans – in which companies?


If you care about obtaining an internet loan, at which you will not have to do any additional formalities by going out of the house for this purpose, then you should pay attention to their offer. Definitely the lowest installment among other loan offers I check. It is also one of the few companies that makes it possible to get loans to people aged 18 or over. So if the bank rejected your application for a loan because of too low age, you can try to get a loan through Wongia. The company’s offer includes cash loans of up to PLN 10,000, with a repayment period of up to 24 months. The company’s offer also includes loans with a short repayment period, which we can repay within 30 or 60 days, if we do not want to bind with the lender for a longer period.

An interesting loan offer, whose costs are not excessive as per the terms of non-bank loans. Here, however, a surety is required to obtain a loan, i.e. an additional person who will secure the loan. It is important that such a person has the appropriate ability and credit history. It is certainly a product that can interest indebted people , in BIK databases or having bailiff debt. The company offers relatively high loan amounts of up to PLN 25,000 with a repayment period of 12 to 48 months. This may be a good option for those seeking a larger non-bank loan, provided, of course, that we can find the right person to become a loan guarantor.

If we are interested in the lowest installment of non-bank loans, it must be admitted that the amount of loan installments is one of the lowest ones we will meet in the non-banking market. In order to get a loan from the company, however, we should have a non-reprehensible credit history, hence no delays in repayment of loans at BIK and without entries to debtor databases. The company has been granting loans for 18 years, provided that we already have adequate creditworthiness to obtain a loan. The company’s offer includes loans in the amount of PLN 1,500 to 15,000. The loan repayment period can be from 3 to 24 months and depends mainly on how long we want to repay the borrowed money with interest.

The Provident company is certainly associated with most of you. It has been operating on the non-bank loan market in Poland for over 20 years. The company has been known so far that it has rather expensive loans in its offer. This was the case until the company did not introduce internet loans into its offer, the cost of which, however, differs significantly compared to the loans offered so far. For those who look not so expensive to pay off the non-bank loan, the company has prepared a self-service loan offer. It is a loan available entirely via the Internet, the amount of which can reach a maximum of PLN 7,500. The loan repayment period can vary from 3 to 36 months. The chances of getting such a loan in the Providenc will have a person who is over 18 and who have a positive credit history. Therefore, you can not have entries in the debtors’ databases or delays visible in the BIK database.

One more and the last offer of the lowest loan installment today is the Incredit offer. A company that may not exist as long in the loan market as Provident described earlier, but it is one of the first companies that started offering non-bank loans online. As with most companies offering similar loans, also in the case of Incredit, the maximum limit of available loans reaches up to PLN 10,000. However, if we apply for the first loan in the company, this limit can be up to a maximum of PLN 7,000. The loan will be repaid in monthly installments and in this respect we have a choice between 3 and 12 months. If we are interested in obtaining a loan in the company, we must know that we should be at least 20 years old and have no negative opinions about us in the debtors’ databases.

Calculate and claim installment loan: Facts and Tips

What is a installment loan?

What is an installment loan?

In Germany, installment loans have been issued since the mid-fifties , which have their roots in the then large mail order companies.

The dealers wanted to allow customers to purchase goods by installment , if they can not pay the purchase price in full immediately.

For this they had cooperated with specialized installment banks , which have since been overrun by commercial banks and savings banks.

What is the definition of installment loan in German? What explanation do banks have when they favor certain professions when granting loans ?

What other conditions must be met for banks to grant installment loan? Which interest rate is usually granted? What about the interest rate development ? Can an installment loan be applied for online ? These and other questions we answer in this guide.

In a nutshell: information on “installment loan”

  • An installment loan is used if the payment is made in one sum and the repayment is made in constant monthly installments . The last installment may vary in height.
  • With a installment loan, there is no follow-up financing . The interest is tied for the entire term.
  • To get a installment loan, customers must be at least 18 years old , since in Germany loans may only be granted to persons of legal age. Furthermore, the applicant must have a residence in Germany .
  • For a loan application, details such as loan amount, term and intended use are important for the calculation. Then the monthly installments and interest are calculated.
  • The faster the installment loan is repaid, the less interest you will have to pay. But this also means that you have to repay a larger amount each month.

Should you apply for an installment loan with a short term?

The term “installment loan” suggests that this is repaid in installments. However, not every loan for which a repayment has been arranged in installments is an installment loan.

In general, there is talk of a installment loan, if the payment in a sum and the repayment in constant monthly installments takes place. The last installment may vary in height.

There is no follow-up financing for a installment loan. The interest is tied for the entire term .

As a rule, you can get a installment loan of between 1,000 and 100,000 euros .

An installment loan can run for between 12 and 84 months . In exceptional cases, you can arrange a term of up to 120 months .

What are the requirements for an installment loan?

In order to get a installment loan, customers must be at least 18 years , as in Germany loans may only be granted to persons of legal age. Furthermore, the applicant must have a residence in Germany .

Depending on the provider, the requirements may differ from those mentioned. As a rule, banks only grant loans to people who do not have a negative Schufa entry. A installment loan without Schufa query is rarely awarded in Germany.

It often happens that an installment loan is only given to people who have income from a permanent employment relationship . Thus, a installment loan for self-employed may be either out of reach or only with high interest rates.

Which conditions apply for an installment loan depends strongly on the professional group of the interested party. In addition, employees have more chances to get an installment loan than inactive people, freelancers or trainees .

As bank safety comes first, the profession of the applicant plays an important role as it is an indicator of whether someone is financially secure . Thus, from the perspective of the banks, the likelihood that certain professional groups will pay back the installment loan properly differs .

In addition to the employment status, the financial institutions assess the risk according to the personal financial circumstances and the loanworthiness of the customer. These criteria can provide better conditions if the borrowing rate is loan-dependent.

However, it can not be ruled out that banks will reject requests for installment loan, although sufficient collateral is available. This applies regardless of whether the debit interest is rating-dependent or fixed .

Purpose of the installment loan: What is it?

Can you apply for an installment loan online?

If you want to raise the installment loan for a specific purpose, it makes sense to state this clearly when making the application. The purpose may be, for example, a house construction, a car purchase or a debt restructuring .

There are many banks that only provide installment loans for renovations . Others offer an installment loan for auto financing at a lower effective interest rate than an installment loan without earmarking. As a rule, the applicant would have to deposit the second part of the registration certificate as collateral in such a case.

This is because the bank needs the car as security. If repayment fails for the installment loan, the bank can sell the car to settle the debt.

If the installment loan is needed for rescheduling, the applicant should notify the bank. In addition, the bank should know that no additional installment loan will be taken on the rescheduling . This not only has a positive effect on the loan rating, but also on the monthly rate.

Calculate installment loan and apply

If you are interested in an installment loan, you can first ask for offers from various banks to compare them. Details such as loan amount, term and intended use are important for the calculation. For the installment loan, the monthly installment and the interest are then calculated.

How high the monthly rate is depends on the specified duration. The faster the installment loan is repaid, the less interest you will have to pay. But this also means that you have to repay a larger amount each month .

Many banks also grant a installment loan with special repayment . As a rule, higher interest rates are charged for such a installment loan, but conditions are more flexible and more advantageous for customers.

Installment loans up to PLN 10,000

If you are still looking for a suitable installment loan for yourself, and other offers that you have used so far, did not meet your expectations, we have another offer for you. It’s loan providers, a company that provides quick loans with a small installment. With her help, you will get loans of up to PLN 10,000 and without leaving your home.

However, before we take a closer look at the company’s offer, it would be appropriate to start with who really stands behind the Mikrorat brand. This is not a difficult thing to verify, because all loan companies have such information in the footer of the website. It is similar in this case. With headquarters in Warsaw. However, as of today the main lender, and therefore the company that serves loans in the company, is already known to us perfectly.

Such loans, under which all the formalities we can get online from the very beginning to the very end. The basic rule of the brand’s operation is, therefore, formalities limited to a minimum and a quick transfer of the loan to the account. Thanks to this, an additional injection of cash may appear on our account the same day, and sometimes even within the next hours or even minutes.

The company provides internet loans in the amount of 1000 to 10,000 PLN . The loan repayment period can be divided into monthly installments and the maximum repayment period is 24 months. We do not have to borrow loans without having to know the exact costs beforehand. Even before we apply for a loan, we can check exactly what costs we will have to pay for borrowing money from Mikrorat. After entering the loan amount and the number of monthly installments using the calculator, we will get the exact cost of the loan and the monthly installment.

Of course, to obtain a loan through the loan providers brand, certain conditions must be met.

Of course, to obtain a loan through the loan providers brand, certain conditions must be met.

The company provides loans that are over 20 years of age and are under 80 years of age. To obtain a loan it is also necessary to have a registration in Poland and the income enabling repayment of loan installments. The company generally does not require the submission of additional documents outside the ID card, but in some cases it may ask for it. Without major obstacles, we will get a loan without presenting income statements , and instead we only need to send a bank account statement.